A Question.

Perched on a passenger’s seat trying to capture the world in its raw form, i found myself asking, “Where am I?”. More than ever, i knew at that moment that i am amidst a point in my life that can never come in context with the word familiar. It prompted me to think.

Every once in while there are changes that allow me to adapt to a certain monster but nevrtheless make me vulnerable to another beast. One second my comfort zone seems to be arm’s length away only to be rattled when light years of distance take its form. The ground beneath me never seem to stop shaking.

Lost. So lost.

But come to think of it..

Lost? I’m not.
In search for something? That I am.

When I asked where I am, I knew I wasn’t looking for an answer. It’s more of a recognition of my being rather than¬† question of my whereabouts; a quick moment to stop and see myself from afar;¬† a reminder that as frustrating as it seems, a journey can really be long but there’s always an end point for it.

Frustration is success yet to come.

I’m not begging for direction. I’m laying my own map.