To tweet or not to tweet?


For starters, I am a grown up woman who is certainly capable of naming my own feelings towards another individual. Well, it is actually a common thing for most of us, ladies. Unless you are a damsel in distress in some soap opera, arriving to the conclusion that we are attracted to another person in more ways than one is the easiest part of the vicious cycle known to many as falling in love. (Okay, goosebumps, maybe I’m writing about having a crush.)

What could make it difficult?

We all know that our hearts don’t just skip a beat upon hearing the voice of our friends. We definitely don’t forget to breathe when usual peeps stand too close to us, ripe ones not counted. Most certainly, we don’t wish to lose our rest days and weekends simply to spend hours with our ordinary co-workers. I would highly recommend a good visit to a shrink if you tend to respond that way to your normal acquaintances. Stuttering, blushing, hyperactivity or even stupor, fixed smile, beaming eyes and a whole lot more of unfathomable reactions – these all come out naturally in response to the presence of THE guy.

Point made? Yes.

If that’s the case, what seems to be my problem? Well, I’m rambling about another part of the cycle that I deemed interesting after I had the chance to observe the behavior of a good friend of mine. This is no big social experiment, take note. It’s just me and my nosiness.

While tinkering with my phone, I saw a tweeter update from a friend.

Finding myself smiling because of you. Just so you know.

I was about to send a response when I  accidentally refreshed the page, thanks to the overly sensitive touch screen, and when it was done reloading, the tweet was no longer there. Hmm. It’s alright. I let it go.

Minutes later, another post came up.

Can’t help being happy. Sorry. 🙂 ..and happy :)) LOL 

Again, moments later, the post was gone. As if I was not intrigued enough, the third and last tweet came up…and then went AWOL:

Yeeeeha! ❤

I knew for certain that she’s having a happy day and there’s someone behind it. But what’s up with posting and deleting and posting and deleting?

Beat me. I didn’t ask her why. I mulled over the idea and it kept me awake the whole night.

Here are the petty conclusions I came up with:

First, the subject of her interest is a Facebook friend or a Twitter follower and she can’t risk letting him see such trivial bits and bobs.

Second, she’s still dealing with the aftermath of whatever that happened some eons ago and such comments would still be inappropriate at the time.

Third, her close friends are unaware that she is developing a soft spot for someone. Such unguarded remarks will totally give her away.

Fourth, she is not certain that the spark can even last longer than her posts. Counting the eggs before they hatch is not a very good thing.

Fifth, her priceless pride keeps her in denial. There are short breaks in that stage though.   

Sixth, she’s just..confused. During this unholy time, some things are better kept unsaid.


Apparently, she’s in the forked path that could lead to something and to nothing. This is the point that requires basic decision making: Do I have a shot at this or should I simply let this pass? A lot of ladies might be oblivious of this stage but if my two cents matter, I would say that a girl is at her most vulnerable during this period. It’s a milestone in the making and any guy who is sensitive enough should be able to take advantage of this point. (Ehem. Let her feel your presence.)

Anytime soon, my friend would stand her ground and choose one side in her inner battle. If her thing for the guy survives this phase, another story would soon unfold. If it doesn’t, sorry is the writer of her fairy tale. It’s another start from scratch.

How twisted. :))