Ako na KJ.

While watching ABS-CBN’s Sunday Special featuring “The Royal Championship”:

Robi: Bakit palagay mo Team Jao ang mananalo?

Girl no. 1: Kasi ang hot niya! Ang hot hot ni Jao!

Matteo: Bakit Team Gino ang mananalo sa laro?

Girl no. 2: Kasi ang gwapo gwapo ni Gino! Go Gino!


O yes, I’m a fangirl, too. But at least I know exactly how basketball is scored.  


(If I may just add, ang wafu wafu ni Papa Chen! Wohoooooo! Lol.:D)

Ang lagay e…

Pulang-pula kayo e. Hindi ba natin ‘to titiketan?

With her pen poised on the traffic ticket, the lady enforcer did nothing but ask my father the same thing MULTIPLE times. I was hoping it was a rhetorical question. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a plain statement with a mischievous meaning. Papa had beaten the red light; confiscating his license was just the right thing. Apparently, things happened differently. Extremely disappointing.

PS: I was silent the whole time. Even more frustrating.


It’s been a month since I resigned from work. I did the right thing – or so I thought. I still do, actually, but not as firmly as before. Qualms have recently started filling my thoughts, and I figured evaluating my decision-making prowess might prove useful.

33 days have come and gone, how am I doing so far?

1. Have I processed my clearance?

– No. (Note to self: clearance = $$$)

2. Have I removed my things from my office locker?

– No. Mr. Facility, hands off my things, please.

3. Have I finished reviewing at least one subject for MCAT?

– No. Stuck with Chemistry.

4. Have I submitted all school requirements?

– Sort of. Three items still to follow, but at least I was given a test permit. (Okay, it’s a no.)

5. Have I started my driving lesson?

– No, still unlearning the word “jumpy.”

6. Have I been helpful at home?

– Most definitely. Baby sitter in the morning, dish washer at noon, cashier-cashieran at night.

7. Have I attended any recreational/social events?

– Yes. A friend’s wedding and…ahm…that’s about it.

8. Have I met up with any friends from work?

– No. I had made a couple of promises which all lived up to the old saying.

9. Have I added any entries on my blog?

– Yes. This is the 6th. (Should 35 Twitter updates count? lol)

10. Have I saved up/earned anything?

– Yes. Home-based, baby! (I’m not talking about weight, which I happened to have earned, too.)

11. Have I read any books or watched any movies?

– Yes. Mary Higgins Clark’s Remember Me. Movie – nada.

12. Have I heard any Sunday mass?

– No, and not a bit proud of it. (I pray, though.)

13. Have I learned anything new?

– Yes, a bunch of basic and nice-to-know things that I did not care about before. (e.g., A comma or period in a quoted statement, phrase, or word should always be placed inside the “quotation mark.”)

– Sentimental blues I opt to keep to myself included.

14. Have I helped anybody apart from my family?

– Yes, picked up a dropped water jug for an old lady.

Tally = 7/14

Remarks: Needs improvement.

O! One thing more, am I well-rested?

– NO!

7/15 = Fail.

O, well.



This not-so-scenic view has been my constant company for the past few weeks. Countless times it has defined my morning and even more often it has lulled me to sleep, not to mention the many meals that we have shared. It makes me wonder, do I have a life? Lol. 

This day next year, how would my screen look like?

Dear Maris of 2014,

Don’t fret. This is just a means to an end. I’m working unbelievably hard for you. 

PS: My desktop background used to be a do-it-yourself Richard Yap collage. Yes, I’m a fangirl, you will keep it that way. 🙂





Kakalimutan na kita.

My mother packed my old things in a box in her efforts to keep our place tidy, and it appeared as if I was moving out of the house. Being the bully sibling that he is, my brother (okay, and I) took advantage of the pretense and played a petty joke on Tatin, our 6-year old sister. We told her that I was leaving for good. I gave her my last-minute instructions and bid her goodbye. She was silent the whole time I was staging my drama but the moment she spoke up, I was stunned. I was counting on my memory to recall what defense mechanism she’s demonstrating, but my imagination was more potent and I just burst into tears. I’m not sure she understood what she had said. If, God forbid, something like that happens for real… O, great – scratch that.  (T.T)

I just know I won’t play the same joke ever again.

Post script: I’m hoping it’s reaction formation. O, please.


Pretending to read on the first principle of quantum mechanics, I could hardly keep my shoulders from shaking while I hopelessly stifle my laughter so as not to stir my sister from her sound sleep. Vice Ganda is just giving me a difficult time with his hilarious quips. I turned the TV on just to have some background noise and thwart the fairies’ symphonic summon. Too late when I realized I’m blindly looking at my book while my ears are wide open for Vice Ganda’s next word on Janine Tugonon’s without-looking-Miss-Universe-way of sitting. Such a funny man – though at times I think he’s doing it in the expense of others. I wanted to jot down some of his jokes but heck, nothing can give justice to it. Borrowing VG’s own words, “You can repeat the performance but never the experience.”

News about MCAT rescheduling came out. The new Feb.17 test date has given me an additional one week to prepare. Why not spend half an hour of it laughing my anxiety out. 😀

And also, another minute or two for blogging hopefully won’t hurt. 

Game on!

My MCAT review officially began last night. With the second or maybe third or even fourth-hand books that I bought from Recto, Chemistry opened the curtain. I didn’t cover much but at least I had a jump start. I had measurements and… Well, just measurements and a tad of conversion. I hope to do better tonight which means I have to finish my KGS file as early as possible and start the review before lassitude gets the best of me again. I can’t blame myself. I had a very long day and I needed to rest.

Today is a different story. It’s 9 AM and I better move along.