Ang pagdadalaga kuno…


Disclaimer: I haven’t slept for 26 hours. This post is written by a meta-drunk person who have just lost her battle against excessive caffeine. This is a pretty revealing write up that I sincerely hope won’t catch the eye of anyone, particularly those whose name I have included in the list. Me doing this just goes to show how insanely bored I can be at times. I originally wanted to show this to a friend, but lo and behold, I have just found an alternative place for its “safe-keeping.”

What’s with these names? These are the people that had given me sleepless nights and purposeless smiles at certain points in my life – the earliest was during my freshman year in high school.

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Room Nurse

My two cents on Cynthia Villar’s controversial statement:

“Sinasabi po namin sa kanila na actually ang nurse e hindi naman kailangan matapos nung BSN kasi itong ating mga nurse, gusto lang nila maging room nurse or sa amerika or sa other countries, e ano lang sila, parang mag-aalaga. Hindi naman sila kailangan ganung kagaling kasi sa ibang countries…..(buzzer).”

Let us be wise, not just in our thoughts and actions, but also in our choice of words. It can make or break the context of what we are trying to convey; one does not need to be a genius orator to know this.

It’s not just elementary, it is imperative.

For Mrs. Villar, it’s probably too late. Mareng Winnie Monzod’s emphatic question, along with the not-so-helpful timer, has gotten the best of you. I wonder how your campaign manager is doing.

For my colleagues, it’s been four years since I last looked at a patient’s chart, but I’m with you on this. Just a few reminders though. Let us be the emotionally intelligent individuals that we are. Our patients, their families, all health care practitioners, and more importantly, ourselves know better.

Stones need not be cast. Yes, we are in a democratic nation, but keep in mind that we are also professionals. Dirty anagrams, foul wordplays, and pictures or comments that assault the eye and the ear won’t do us any good.

Let the votes speak in our behalf.