Just ranting.

Reading Berne and Levy offends my eyes;
Reading Snell offends my memory;
Reading Harper’s is just downright offensive at all levels.

It doesn’t help that I have to do all these readings while my younger siblings are enjoying the luxury of justified indolence. Lame.

On a positive note, I really have to catch up and these holidays offer the badly needed time, well, provided I turn down the perpetually tempting Grey’s Anatomy DVDs and 2Fuse. So much for the best of both worlds.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to me.


I’ve just turned 25 today.

First thing I realized when the clock hit midnight: Things would have been different had I not taken a 4-year rest after college.

At this age, I was supposed to be in my post-grad medical internship. One boards away from being a young hot doctor with sparkly quarter-life sneer, curly hair, and white coat flapping against the wind.

Someone please remind me to lower my expectations later in life.

Instead, I am in my first year, confused with Cori and Cahill, and still squirming my way out of adjustment phase (plus the  unnecessary thoughts on being a high-risk primigravida by the end of residency).

Late bloomers’ club

O well, we can’t turn back the time, can we? So, scratch the thought. And besides, the hiatus  has its own advantages:

  1. Gained me the financial aid needed to kick start my medical education;
  2. Inspired my very Ms. Universe-ish responses during the pre-admission interview (to the line of age is just a number);
  3. Busted my wits trying not to be a bum so that I could have no. 1 (Nurses aren’t the most easily employed professionals at that time);
  4. Gave me a taste of monetary compensation for hard work (Ah, old times…and the Christmas bonus);
  5. Instilled in me that despite no. 4, money  is not everything;
  6. Showed me that there’s more to punctuality and responsibility than class attendance;
  7. Shocked me with how not everyone is of the same age as I was, hence no. 8;
  8. Taught me that social skills go beyond group assignments and recess;
  9. Made me realize that age does not readily translate to maturity and vice versa, which leads back to no. 7;
  10. Evaluated and reinforced my virtues;
  11. I can go on…but an optimum list should not exceed 10 items, I think. 🙂

Had I not spent the past years learning matters that a classroom can’t teach, I could now be a number of things: a medical school drop-out who never learned to appreciate the chance given to me, a job hopper who never understood where my heart really lies, or a recklessly shallow intern who cares about nothing but earning my MD at 25.

See? If not for the 4-year gap between college and medschool, things would have been really different. 🙂

Christmas ’13

Dear Jesus,

It’s Christmas.

I’m reading Berne and Levy – or at least I’m trying. Pardon me if I didn’t spare your special day.

This time last year, I had nothing but uncertainty. Today, I have a fighting chance, hence the reading.

Thank you for last year’s Christmas gift.

I’m sure you know what’s on my list for this year.

PS: I’ve been a nice kid. 🙂

Happy Birthday!

Lots of love,