Super iksing kwento.

Habang nanonood ng The Mentalist, nakaramdam ako ng antok. Humigab ako at nag-inat. At sa hindi malamang dahilan, bigla akong natawa sa tuwa.

Ito na ata ang pinakamasayang antok na naramdaman ko sa buong buhay ko — yung klase na pwedeng pwede ko itulog right away.

Wooohoo!!! Bakasyon na nga! πŸ˜€

PS: Please don’t get me wrong, dear Lord. Dalawang buwang bakasyon lang po ang gusto ko. Very willing pa akong mabawasan. πŸ™‚

Year-end exam galore…

We only have less than three weeks before the school year ends. As much as I want to celebrate the feat of staying sane up to this point, the biggest hurdle for this year is still yet to come. We are all white-knuckled for the upcoming two-week major examathon which includes our 4th shifting tests and the cover-to-cover final exams.

This is a very crucial period for most students, including myself, and I feel the need to be constantly reminded of how these exams could change everything for us (throw us to 80s or drown us with 74s). I must admit that the biggest driving force for me at this point is my grades. It is completely understandable, I think. But I also know that there is a bigger purpose behind this. After all, these tests are here not just to assess the technicalities that we’ve memorized through our books (Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s just about that. ;)) but also to evaluate how well we’ve grown as learners. This is a checkpoint, a safety precaution, a chance to look at how far we’ve come and to ponder on how far we still have to go (Oooh, pathways, lots and lots of them with more to come). Let’s just make the most out of this experience.

Read and recall and read and recall…and don’t forget to flex those hands and fingers; shading hundreds of items on scantrons could be an endeavor, too. πŸ˜€

Β O well, it’s time to hit the books once more. Cheers to all of us!