My love, one day you might wonder.

What do I see when I look at you.

You are no fortress; you are the green grass.

The soil under my bare feet has never felt any safer.

The sun shines and scorches, and I don’t care.

You are the blue sky for the whitest of clouds.

I glance above at the expanse that you are.

Vast, yes, but you don’t scare me.

A storm from afar might, or maybe not even that.

Sometimes I’m rattled, just a tad though.

When you are a youthful river

Your rapids can drown me within seconds.

And I can’t swim. But I long for you, always.


My love, I look at you and I feel more than I see.

You are my most vivid dream, full of hope, full of warmth, and I pray, unending.

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